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The Unwaste NY site contains information, resources, and tools for New York residents to learn about energy use and set a personal goal to reduce energy waste. You can find out how to reduce your energy waste by modifying everyday behaviors, and making some easy changes to your home. You can find financial incentives and rebate programs to help you save money as you make changes to save energy. You can even create a custom plan to unwaste your home, and connect with other New Yorkers, in the Unwaste Network, who are doing the same. 

Pathway to A Sustainable Community

Green building, sustainable infrastructure and smart growth initiatives are increasingly becoming the focus of municipalities in New York State and throughout the world.  Studies show planned development promotes economic growth, builds healthier communities, strengthens energy independence, protects endangered species, supports protection of local ecosystems and supports climate protection.  Many communities are pursuing the development of policies to support smart growth.  

Pathway to a Sustainable Community is a simple brochure created by the Advocacy Committee of the USGBC New York Upstate Chapter with ideas for communities seeking to become more sustainable.

USGBC Resources for Local Governments

The U.S. Green Building Council offers a comprehensive set of tools and resources for local governments, including the Playbook for Green Buildings + Neighborhoods: Strategic Climate Solutions, visit www.greenplaybook.org  Here you'll find a search function for policies throughout the U.S. addressing sustainable development through policy and incentive programs.

Visit USGBC's Resources for Local Governments and also take ideas from the Toolkit for Local Governments

Roadmap to Sustainable Government Buildings This collection of resources was developed by governments with established and emerging green building programs.  Download this valuable resource:Roadmap to Sustainable Buildings

Field Guide of Financial Support for Sustainable Capital Projects

Just one example of the type of resource offered is the Field Guide of Financial Support for Sustainable Capital Projects, published by the Region 2 Environmental Protection Agency Environmental Finance Center (EFC) at Syracuse University with the support of the New York Upstate Chapter and the Maxwell School of Syracuse University.  This guide provides an essential list of financial and technical assistance resources that governments can use to implement and finance green building projects.  

Download the guide here: Field Guide of Financial Support for Sustainable Capital Projects 

Other Online Resources for Communities
www.usgbc.org/government contains all of the following, and more!

Green Building Incentive Strategies – most common, tried-and-tested incentives for green building at the local level.  Alongside each of the listed incentive types, every policy example-- see the broad range of approaches that are out there.  At the very top of this page, you’ll see that a print-friendly 1.5 pager of these incentive strategies.

Financing and Encouraging Green Building in Your Community – providing an overview of the different policy types and some highlighted policy examples that may be particularly helpful.  This resource builds on the information in Green Building Incentives Strategies, taking it a step further to talk about innovative financing mechanisms, taxes and fees.

The Playbook for Green Buildings + Neighborhoods – providing easy-to-read introductory narrative and sophisticated planning ideas for local governments considering sustainability plans.

The Roadmap to Sustainable Government Buildings – offering best-practices to state and local governments on how to implement a green building program that adopts or references LEED.

 The STAR Community Index – USGBC is in partnership with the Center for American Progress and ICLEI to develop a national, consensus-based framework for gauging the sustainability and livability of U.S. communities.  Learn more about this initiative here, and please keep us informed of any state or local efforts that might help reinforce this effort.

Public Policy Database - Various LEED initiatives including legislation, executive orders, resolutions, ordinances, policies, and incentives are found in 45 states, including 202 localities (138 cities, 36 counties, and 28 towns), 34 state governments, 14 federal agencies or departments, 17 public school jurisdictions and 41 institutions of higher education across the United States. 

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